Services & Canvas orders

You don’t have to enjoy my art from afar, I offer several types of personalised services for anyone who wants to experience my art. Brave enough to let me capture some of your own essence? Enjoy a private photo session to unlock the inner beauty only a lens can reveal. I also offer commercial and interior photo sessions, where I can boost the likelihood of your business achieving success with just a few simple clicks of my camera.

Fallen in love with one of my pictures? You can order a custom-sized canvas of any of the pieces on my website, to be delivered to any country in the world. Simply contact me today with details of the services you’d like to purchase to get started.


I provide photo session services for Latvia or the Netherlands for multiple purposes. Whether you’re a business looking to update your website with new photos, a proud homeowner looking to show off your interior, or a budding artist yourself, longing to explore the beauty of your body and soul in a private photo session, I can help.


My photography and art is my life, so I’d be honoured if one or several of my pieces have captured your attention. If you’re interested in purchasing any one of my pieces, rest assured that you can precisely tailor your order to size, canvas or type – so there’s no need to worry about whether or not it’ll fit your space.


Beauty doesn’t just come in living things, I find that homes and interiors are just as gorgeous as the brightest blooming flower. Capturing the charm of an interior is something that I excel at and with the right staging, any space can encompass artistry and my photoshoots are ideal for revealing that true beauty.


Professional photos are essential for any business, whether for advertisements, website content or packaging, giving your customers the right impression is necessary for a successful business. Contact me today for more information about the commercial photo sessions I offer for Lativa, the Netherlands or other countries upon request.