Hello I'm Victoria Dalle

Artist & Photographer

Latvia & the Netherlands

I don’t just take photos, I capture emotions, feelings, stories and fleeting, but important, moments that shouldn’t be lost in the rush of life. I spend my time refining my skills, enjoying the power of a camera, but I can also be found shooting commercial, private, interior or nude photo sessions for anyone that has an interest in my art. These photo sessions are typically available in Latvia or the Netherlands, but may be available in other countries upon request. If you’re interested in any of my services, contact me today to book your place.

For the adventurous model, explore your own art in one of my private photo sessions, or discover a more intimate version of yourself with a nude shoot. For those who enjoy a different kind of photography, that of which doesn’t live or breath - but still emits that same pulsating energy, I also offer interior photography. Enjoy the essence of any inside space, show off your interior design skills, or draw in potential buyers with artistic, polished photos that will leave you with a smile. If you’re looking for business photography, my commercial photo sessions are ideal for those that require the touch of an artist for the perfect business shots. Whether for advertisements, employee photos, website content or packaging- I understand the importance of high-quality, professional business photos that breathe life into a commercial setting.

You can not only find me and my art at photo sessions, I also attend exhibitions. There’s nothing like the experience of seeing a collection of art laid out in the way the artist wants it seen. As both a literal and metaphorical journey, the experience of an exhibition is unparalleled. Whether you’re a seasoned attendee or you’re just looking to try something new, join me at one of my exhibitions and discover the elegance of my artistic photography.

If exhibitions aren’t your thing, you can still experience some of my more private, intimate photographic art displayed here on my website. These pieces are a reflection of my view of this earth, and each represents a unique moment, that has since passed but is forever woven into the canvas of the world. Simply choose any size or type of canvas you’d like and any of this art is available to purchase for your own enjoyment. With worldwide delivery and sizing options to suit any space, there’s no reason to miss out.