Artistic Photography

As a photographer, my creativity shapes the way I view the world. I don’t just see structure and colour, I see feelings, emotions and pure, unbridled art. For me, taking photographs is like painting with light, each photo a masterpiece, a snatched snapshot of our busy world, full of expression and yearning to be appreciated. Whether I’m shooting a photo session or simply considering my surroundings through a lens, my imagination allows me to find a unique angle to work from in any circumstance.


Capture your own art with one of my private photo sessions, or explore a more intimate version of yourself with a nude shoot. I also offer interior and commercial photo sessions which, along with my other services, are available in Latvia, the Netherlands or other countries if requested before our session. If you simply prefer viewing the magic of the world as I see it through my lens – I can offer worldwide canvas delivery on any of the pieces displayed on my website, so that you can enjoy my art, wherever you are.

"Catching a single moment in time isn’t the easiest way to express yourself, but just by giving that moment immortality with a simple click of a shutter- its fragile beauty can be shared with the world. Having this power in my hands is why I fell in love with photography. With my camera, I can express my deepest emotions, my personal triumphs and experiences- there to share and stay forever. Finding photography has fuelled my growth as a person and as an artist. At this point in my life, photography is my everything."

Victoria Dalle